Prototype (NPI) New Product Introduction

To IMS quick turn prototyping doesn't just mean assembling a PCBA in hours.  To IMS prototyping is participating in DFM analysis, solidifying the customer's documentation, and establishing the supply chain.  In addition, it means giving the customer a product that is of outstanding quality and allowing them to debug their design instead of manufacturing issues.  IMS' prototype (new product introduction) cababilites include:

PCBA Manufacturing Services:

  • Quick turn and standard turn available
  • Flex circuit assembly
  • 0201, 0401, BGA, and QFN placement
  • BGA and micro BGA capabilities
  • Aqueous and no clean solutions
  • SMT and through hole manufacturing
  • Selective soldering
  • Lead free and mixed technology
  • Prototype and pilot runs
  • Design for manufacturing and testability

Engineering Support:

  • Design partners for both product and test development
  • Component engineering services for legacy and NPI
  • New product introduction (NPI) support
  • Manufacturability review
  • Quality engineering capturing critical information at documentation level review of process defects
  • Process engineering

Materials Sourcing and Supply Chain Establishment:

  • Supply chain transition to volume programs
  • Consignment and partial consignment
  • Project specific material procurement
  • Ability to work from pre-released documentation
  • RoHS compliance review
  • Budgetary quoting services
  • BOM scrubbing
  • Obsolescence and EOL notification for components
  • Direct communication with procurement team
  • Ability to purchase by project
  • Identification of long lead-time items

Customer Service and Program Management:

  • Program management tailored to customer’s unique requirements (single or multiple points of contact)
  • Continuous, open, and direct communication with all departments
  • Revision control maintenance (even if the customer doesn’t)