Members of the “Founding IMS Team” pictured above (Left to Right): Steve Pappalardo, Kevin Morrisette, Jeff Buxton, Sunny Clark, Barb Plourde, Luis Galan, and Shawn Marshall


Throughout the month of October, IMS has been celebrating its 15-th anniversary! IMS was founded in 2005 by Bob Monaco and Ray Marshall, two veterans in the electronics industry in New England. Bob and Ray recognized the struggles that businesses often face in receiving high levels of customer service for their rapid prototype and low-volume PCBA needs, so they designed IMS specifically to service this niche. In doing so, they successfully filled a significant market need for high-quality, rapid prototype, and small lot printed circuit board assembly. Fast forward to 2020, and 10 members of the original IMS team are still here today, proudly, and passionately serving customer needs!

Over the years, IMS has been known for solving customer problems and doing what other EMS companies could never achieve. A great example of this occurred back in May at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. A leading ventilator manufacturer approached IMS with a major problem—they had a critical PCBA shortage with their existing supply chain (based in China), which resulted in a line down situation in their manufacturing plant. Unfortunately, this constraint delayed the delivery of critical, lifesaving machines to patients dealing with COVID-19 complications. IMS swung into action. Leveraging our proprietary, quick-turn PCBA model, we were able to source all the materials and assemble these printed circuit boards rapidly, hand delivering to the customer in less than 48 hours after order receipt. This quick execution enabled our customer to drastically reduce their line down time and expedite their delivery to hospitals, helping to save lives in the process. The IMS team thrives on making the impossible, possible.

The IMS management team has extensive experience in the EMS industry and has worked together for over 25 years. We understand and appreciate the design and manufacturing challenges your business faces, and we are ready and willing to help. The IMS culture is one of hard work, dedication, and persistence—we meet our deadlines, adhere to schedules, and recognize the importance of doing what we say. We hold your best interests at heart and are proud of the role we play in your success.

Despite the challenges of the Pandemic, IMS continues to thrive as the “Leader in Rapid Prototype and Small Lot PCBA Manufacturing.” We would like to thank all our team-members, customers, and suppliers who have helped enable our success over the past 15 years. IMS has a bright future ahead, and we look forward to many more years of Making the Impossible, Possible!