We focus in on rapid prototyping, quick turn PCBA, as well as ultra low-volume high-mix manufacturing of electronic assemblies. Our factory, our processes and our systems have been uniquely developed to be fast. In the prototyping business, it’s all about speed. And not only that we do it fast; we do it at a very high quality level

We founded IMS to fill the service gap that the tier-one suppliers have. Tier-ones do a great job if you spend millions of dollars, you have great forecasts, really stable designs and lots of quantity. But what if you don’t have those things? What if the design keeps changing? What if the schedule keeps changing? What if you have to build a small quantity? What do you do?

When we receive a customer’s documentation, the engineering group reviews the data before it even hits the floor during the quote process. If it’s quote-buy they’re reviewing it while it’s going through the quote process and the buy process at the same time. So there’s multiple departments simultaneously reviewing the documentation, and the data, to make sure that we’re catching any problems as early in the process as possible.

We call the 95-5 rule: 95% of your frustration is with 5% of your business. IMS wants that 5% of the business. That’s our strength. We have a purpose-built factory to support the rapid-turn and proof of concept proto, alpha, beta, and the multi-version products that fit into that 5% gap.

Our team and our people are the foundation of our success. Number two, you have to have a great culture, a team that’s very passionate – focused on doing the right thing for the customer.

My name is Jackie Morin, I am a production supervisor for the SMT department.

I mean I’ve worked in contract manufacturing now for 30 years. And this is the only company that I’ve worked at where they can actually successfully do quick turns: one day turns, three day turns, five day turns on a consistent basis.

The program manager is the customer advocate, they make sure that your processes  and special procedures are followed throughout the facility. They make sure that your product is delivered in a timely fashion, and it matters because changes occur when we’re dealing with prototypes and prototype customers they want to get their product out to market as soon as possible, so the changes the engineers are working on are different changes as time goes on.

Our team is very passionate about providing customer solutions. So everybody at IMS is focused on doing the right thing for the customer. And I really feel one of the differentiators we have is we’re all pulling the rope in the same direction in order to go above and beyond the call of duty and do what’s required by the customer.

You know, the most important thing that IMS is we do limit the exposure that you have for material purchasing. In that case we look at what your BOM is, and we’re not buying reels of 1000s of pieces, we’re trying to keep into a very low minimum. So you the customer is not investing in material that frankly you may not need and maybe changing, because we are looking at prototypes or quick turns.

Commonly what you’ll see in the industry is a lot of folks will make a claim that they’re good at doing everything, and our belief is you need to have one singular focus –  this is the focus of our business. We’ve invested resources, we’ve invested systems, processes to be best in the world at rapid prototyping and ultra high-mix low volume electronics manufacturing.