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Collaborative Solutions for Engineers and Designers

Whether you’re developing new products from the ground up or improving the products on which your business was built, we have a solution to meet your PCBA prototyping needs. IMS offers an array of services for engineers and designers, including strategic engineering support and rapid prototype assembly on anything from a simple IOT board to a complex logic circuit. We are able to place difficult components for any project, such as BGA, LGA, QFN, DFN, and MLF including BTC.

Rapid Prototype Assembly & Box Build

When you’re ready to test your designs, we source, assemble, and ship your prototype  faster than anyone. Our team understands that each and every day counts when a project is in R&D.

We are built for rapid prototype assembly and small lot production—we’re fast and efficient on work that most EMS providers find challenging. Our New England manufacturing facility can ship overnight anywhere in the United States.

IMS developed a process to mitigate excess and obsolete charges on virtually all PCBA prototypes we build. Find confidence in our pricing and support model.

DFM Analysis & Collaborative Engineering Support

  IMS can offer strategic guidance on reducing complexity and cost. We can quickly identify problematic placements, unreliable trace & pad designs, as well as component sourcing challenges to increase product reliability and manufacturability while reducing overall cost.

 As products move through prototype iteration, our focus on continuous improvement   dictates that we will make design-for-manufacturability (DFM) recommendations. We   are also available to consult on designs that may be causing issues at your current   supplier.

Short-Notice Production

For many products you manufacture, you may not have visibility to forecast exact allocation or quantities that will be demanded, but you cannot afford to present long lead times to your customers.

IMS’ flexible processes provide excellent service and quality while keeping inventory costs low. We stock long-lead-time components and meet production based on your customer orders.

We start the day we receive the order—and can provide working and testing assemblies within hours after the request. This allows you to provide outstanding customer service while minimizing inventory.

Build-to-Order Manufacturing

Within hours of an order, IMS can custom configure and ship products based on your customer’s specifications. For products with multiple configurations, this can be a cost-effective solution as it reduces inventory and provides responsiveness to your customer’s needs.

Whether you have two or 20 different configurations, the IMS team can quickly process, build, and deliver the assembly. We can also provide additional assembly services, including packaging, labeling, and programming.

PCBA assembly

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