About Us

At IMS, we believe that together, we can build great things. More than a PCBA or EMS provider, we are a partner committed to working smarter and faster—in a way that puts our customers first. We focus on high-mix, low-volume production and are experts in rapidly sourcing, assembling, and testing short runs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our Heritage

Our Employees & Equipment

Customer Testimonials

Our Heritage

Based in New England, Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions (IMS) was founded in 2005 to address a service gap in the market for high-quality, rapid prototype, and small lot printed circuit board assembly. The IMS founders recognized the struggles that businesses face in receiving high levels of customer service for their prototype and low-volume PCBA needs and designed IMS specifically to service this niche.

The IMS management team has extensive experience in the EMS industry and has worked together for over 25 years. We understand and appreciate the design and manufacturing challenges your business faces—and are ready and willing to help.

The IMS culture is one of hard work, dedication, and persistence—we meet our deadlines, adhere to schedules, and recognize the importance of doing what we say. We hold your best interests at heart and are proud of the role we play in your success.

Our Employees & Equipment

Staffed by an experienced, passionate, and committed workforce, we operate out of a state-of-the-art facility in Manchester, New Hampshire, that is purpose-built to ensure speed, quality, and responsiveness. We continually invest in our equipment and processes to ensure high-quality production while providing our customers with access to the latest advancements in the industry.

Our equipment includes:

  • 2x Mycronic MY500 Solder Deposition Machines (with vision, .33mm dot size, and 28,000 cph equivalent)
  • 2x Mycronic MY100 SX14 Pick & Place Machines (30,000 cph each)
  • Two Mycronic MY9E Pick & Place Machines (20,000 cph each)
  • Three Heller 1809 MkIII Reflow Ovens
  • Mirtec MV6 Omni AOI – 3D
  • UNICOMP AX8200 X-Ray Machine – 50-700X, 130KV
  • Aqueous Technologies Trident Aqueous Cleaning System – Triple batch cleaner
  • MPM Accuflex Screen Printer – Dual camera vision and automatic support placement
  • VJ Electronix Summit 1100 HR SRT Rework
  • Technical Devices Mark I Wave Solder
  • Hollis TDL Wave Solder
  • ACE KISS 102 Selective Soldering Machine
  • Nordson Novo 103 Selective Soldering Machine
  • Nordson-Dage Assure X-Ray Components counter
  • AquaKleen Stencil Cleaner  Model SC1550

Customer Testimonials

“I have had a long term relationship with IMS (Going back to 2005).  They have been valued partner for such a long time because they have consistently delivered excellent results.  Their quality, delivery and flexibility have been exemplary.  In addition, their custom designed direct order fulfillment model has helped me significantly grow my business.”    “I look forward to continuing the relationship for another 15 years…”


Automotive Tech Company

“I always have very tight product development deadlines, IMS’ rapid prototype execution has repeatedly helped me meet my time to market objectives, which has resulted in significant increases in my top line revenue. I always sleep well knowing that my boards are always going to be perfect quality and right on time”

VP of Engineering

Leading Consumer Robotics Company

“IMS has been a great partner for us. They have consistently executed at a high-level. We originally engaged with them to do prototypes, now they are doing full box build of complex electrical assemblies. Our teams closely collaborate daily which allows us to be very responsive to the end customer.”



Executive VP of Operations

Leading Logistics Technology Provider

“The speed and execution that I have seen demonstrated by IMS is second to none in the EMS industry, This has enabled us to get new products to market much faster”




IOT Solutions Provider

How We Help

Rapid Prototype Assembly

Bringing new products to life.

When speed to market matters, IMS excels with quick-turn, rapid prototype PCB production and assembly—plus a wide variety of support services.

Small Lot Production

Manufacturing smart solutions.

From highly customized products to on-demand production parts, IMS provides high quality solutions tailored to meet your high-mix, low-volume requirements.