Testimonial 1

“My name is Laurie, I’ve worked for a company that creates medical devices, I am the manager of the engineering services team. And one of my functions is to coordinate prototype builds, and some of our assemblies have BGA s on them, and QF ends and these are things that we can’t do at our facility, so we need IMS to come in and do those more intricate work on those type of components for us. So these are designed circuits that the engineers need to test. Quality is very important because we need to know that the circuit is on and working before it goes into the product. The people at IMS are just so easy to work with I can reach out to them, email or phone call and I get a response back that day, and sometimes much sooner –  within minutes sometimes.  There’s been other companies that have been dangled in front of me, and I turn them down because I only want to work with IMS because they’re just the most comfortable, convenient and helpful. I’m just very comfortable with the people there, and they just do the best work and the lead time is the best. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Testimonial 2

 “I’m the co-founder of VentriFlow, a company dedicated to improving the world of open heart surgery. The challenge for prototype sketches is you never have enough money, you never have enough time, you never have enough people. You know the four boards, very quickly. Some of them are pretty sophisticated, to get our system up and running. It is hard to move fast and precise at the same time. And that is something that we’ve now seen and benefit from the evidence that IMS is quite good at that. There’s a strong culture,  good culture from my perspective.  The sense of camaraderie and team oriented responsiveness – you can’t pull off the 200 things that have to happen in order to do a five day turn without that, and that was evident, and we are the beneficiaries of seeing that in practice. We asked a lot of IMS and IMS responded so we’re very pleased with that. We have big plans for the future so from a prototyping perspective. You’ll be top on the list for where we go in the future, for sure.”